Adelaide Day Spa Body Treatments
Detox, Revitalising, targets Cellulite, improves circulation, healing and much much more


Our Signature treatment
Clays are a powerful naturally occurring product and have the ability to repair damaged tissues, at the same time eliminate accumulated toxins from the body, alleviate muscle and joint pain plus so much more. Forged from a unique blend of fine French and Australian clays, Pure Essential Oils, unrefined cold-pressed virgin seed butters and oils, plant extracts and purified floral and fruit extracts. For more information on clays and their benefits please read below.

Mother Earth Clay Wrap

70 mins $107

  • detoxify, improve circulation and mobilize fat
  • tone, tighten, treat acne and heal skin issues

In this nurturing treatment you will receive a full body exfoliation to smooth and soften your skin followed by a covering of warm fine French Clays using massage techniques to mobilize fat and stimulate the lymphatic system so toxins can be eliminated naturally,purifying and detoxifying your body. You will be cocooned in a warmed body wrap for a truly effective and rejuvenating experience.

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

60 min $ 87

  • enhances skin health and glow
  • gently stimulates blood and lymph circulation

Sugar is the gentlest of all body scrubs, beautiful for sensitive skins. Brown Sugar is nurturing and gently stimulates the blood and lymph circulation, enhancing skin health and glow. The Brown Sugar is massaged over your body and removed with hot towels. This is followed by a soothing personalized aromatic cream massaged all over your rejuvenated skin. You will leave with a refreshed sense of well-being.

Invigorating Body Wrap

60 min $87

  • refreshing and revitalising
  • clearing scalp massage and soothing foot relief

This uplifting experience will awaken your senses and leave your skin refreshingly smooth. Begin with a clearing glove rub down, followed by a Rosemary and Peppermint body cream massaged over your body. Absorbed while you are snugly wrapped for warmth and absorption, you will receive a delicious scalp massage, clearing the senses and a soothing foot massage for relieving stress

Personalized Aroma Body Wrap

60 min $87

  • personalised to your needs
  • nourish and balance your skin

This is a deeply relaxing aromatic oil treatment. Dry exfoliation to get the lymphatic toxins moving, followed by a warm personalized aromatic massage blend. Results are soft, hydrated, balanced skin, a purified sense of well-being, balancing the senses and soothing the mind.

Organic Sea Salt Body Scrub

60 min $87

  • leaves skin exfoliated and refined
  • smooths and conditions your entire skin

This is a refreshing, exfoliating and hydrating treatment for the whole body and especially your skin. Start with a clearing glove rub down then a stimulating Dead Sea Salt scrub emulsified with warm organic herbal tea and removed with hot towels. A personalized hydrating aromatherapy cream is massaged into you skin, resulting in a luxuriously smooth, hydrated and glowing skin.

Clarifying Back and Shoulder Treatment

60 mins $97

  • a facial for your back, leaves skin cleansed, toned and smooth
  • removes skin impurities

This is an intense treatment designed specifically to target the back and shoulder area, providing deep cleansing and exfoliation, refining open pores, smoothing uneven skin tone and reducing the appearance of blemishes and acne. A soothing, healing and relaxing experience, also relieving tension in the muscles of the back, shoulder and neck area. This treat includes a relaxing leg massage increasing the healing benefits

* All Treatment Times are Approximate.

More about Mud!!

Mined in France, Argiletz clay is the purest form of clay available being 100% natural, sun-dried and chemical free. Clays are a powerful, naturally occurring product, that have the ability to repair damaged tissues and at the same time eliminate accumulated toxins from the body.

Argiletz clays come in five different colours that have different properties due to different mineral compositions.

Green Clay

French Green Clay is by far one of the most effective and most commonly used mineral skin clay, containing a plethora of mineral and elements as well as iron oxide and decomposed plant matter.

The highly micronized and often fragile molecular state of Green Clay allows for far greater absorption of impurities, dust, oils and contaminants making it an excellent drawing and detoxifying clay. Its toning action stimulates blood circulation. This helps to tighten the pores thereby revitalizing the complexion.

Pink Clay

French Pink Clay refines the texture of the skin, It improves the softness and has a  toning effect on the skin.  It is suitable for most skins, particularly sensitive and dehydrated. A calming clay that soothes an irritated or sensitive skin and also helps to tone and firm the skin.

Red Clay

A naturally oily clay that is enriched in beneficial minerals. Derived from Hematite iron it has a distinctive red colouring as a result of copper oxides. This clay is particularly helpful for broken capillaries and puffiness under the eyes, as well as dry, lack-lustre skin, dehydrated and climate effected skin. It has a firming effect and evens the skin tone. It also cleanses, purifies and revitalizes a tired skin.

Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul clay is an ultra fine grey-brown clay naturally found deep beneath the Atlas Mountains in Eastern Morocco. It contains higher percentages of silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium, than other clays and as a result is a more effective cleanser and detoxifier.

White Clay

Similar structure to Green clay but not as rich and therefore suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

Yellow Clay

Ideal for sun-damaged skin or sallow skin resulting from illness, stress, neglect or environmental pollutants such as smoke.

Zeolite Ultrafine Clay

Zeolite is a Greek word meaning “stone that boils”.  Zeolite has the ability to absorb, store and neutralize toxins making it a valuable detoxifying ingredient for beauty and spa treatments. It is rich in silicon, calcium, potassium and iron.


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