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Massage Adelaide | Universal Body

“Feel stronger, happier lighter and more alive”

“The only way to deal with the future is to function efficiently in the NOW” Gita Bellin

A perfect cure to a hectic life, all you have to do is lay back and relax
while the tension and stress is relieved from your body, mind and spirit.

Universal Body Day Spa is well known for providing the best massage with
qualified Therapists, clean and comfortable beds with ambient music, quiet
areas and relaxing décor. Pregnancy is a speciality. We use organic
cold pressed massage oils.

Rejuvenating Massage

30 mins $55 60 mins $77 90 mins $107

  • Restore your wellbeing with the power of touch
  • Customized massage aromatherapy experience

A nurturing body massage to help reduce tension, restore your wellbeing
and coax tired and aching muscles back into condition with the power of touch.
Regular massage creates relaxation, balance and calmness within oneself.
Also enhances circulation, metabolism, tissue growth and repair, eliminates wastes
and toxins just to name a few. Techniques are accommodated to individual needs.
Calming blends to ease stress, anxiety and insomnia, uplifting blends for low energy
and stimulating blends to improve circulation and to detoxify.

Hot Stone Massage

60 mins $87 90 mins $117

  • Warm stones fused with aromatic plant essential oils
  • Comfort, de-stress and melt muscle tension

Combination of hot stones with traditional massage techniques based on Ayurvedic knowledge.
Volcanic Basalt stones brings heat into the tissues and creates various pressures to
facilitate changes in the muscular system. Melts away tightness and worries.

Holistic Massage

60 mins $77 90 mins $107

  • Balance the senses
  • Warm your soul

A holistic approach to wellbeing, working with imbalances in the physical, mental,
spiritual and emotional bodies. Using massage plus clearing and aligning techniques,
aimed at balancing the body and it’s energy systems. Leading to a distinct change towards
vitality, balance and wellbeing. Our therapists incorporate a variety of massage and
energy balancing techniques.

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