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Testimonials | Universal Body

Why blow our own horn when others are doing it for us!!!

What our guests are saying about us:

(randomly taken from one of three books of comments)

The 71 year old well weathered skin had an amazing treat!! Thank you for hands
that are so soft and they massage so well – I feel so relaxed and shall face the rest of the
day like a well oiled machine !!

– Gina

Was very relaxing! I drifted away a few times and the snack was a nice
surprise afterwards

– Becth

Our 10 Wedding Anniversary, I surprised my wife with a couples massage
and facial. What a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  Great staff and made me feel
so comfortable. We will be back

– Daryle & Stella

My spray tan looks amazing thank you so much, I will be back again to
get even more pampering

– Christie X

I can’t make a sensible comment because I’m still so “blessed out” by
my experience.  And who said nothing good came from the internet!  I found this place. 
Thank you.  I think you have made it much easier for me to acclimatise to Australia again,
many thanks

– Susan

First time for a pedicure for me today and really enjoyed it, Place is relaxing
and warm, staff fantastic!  Will definitely recommend you guys!

– Sonya

Reborn is an understatement, my cousin and I feel incredible! Healthy body, healthy
mind – this must become a regular date, lovely staff, perfect herbal tea and hot towels,
University we are now ready for you

– Kathryn & Jimula

Thank you for freely transferring your energy through me.  You have a serene gift
supported with skill that transports one straight to inner peace.  Your massage is evidence
that the physical is only a vehicle for deeper more profound experiences.

– Michael

Absolutely the best birthday present I could have received, incredible service!
Felt all my stress and worries fade away, cannot thank you enough, will definitely be back,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

– Catherine xxx J

I fell asleep while my eyebrows were being waxed and plucked!! How’s that for a
first and what a tribute to the skill of the therapist who works like a butterfly thanks a lot


The stairway to Heaven, once again an amazing insightful hour or so spent in this
wonderland.  thank you , thank you, thank you. I feel totally revitalised and energised again.
What a wonderful healing space

– Juanita M

…………plus hundreds more

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